October 20th 2016

The SWOFON Executive and staff led by Sarah Yapwa the National President paid a visit to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development at FCDA Complex and met with Dr. Shehu Ahmad, the Permanent Secretary. This was following the successful outing of the women farmers at the Kilimanjaro Initiative held in Tanzania between the 13th – 14th October 2016 and to present the Charter of Demand: Actualizing Women’s Land Rights in Africa and the Nigerian Smallholder Women Farmers Charter of Demands to the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as the link to the Government.

Sarah Yapwa introduced the group and the purpose the meeting. She talked about the aim of Kilimanjaro Initiative and what the just concluded event signifies for small-scale women farmers in Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

The Permanent Secretary, Dr. Shehu Ahmad complimented the women’s effort while receiving the Charter of Demand and asked that they don’t go home and relax but further engage government by writing an official advocacy letter that captures all the issues identified in the Charters of Demand.

He promised that the issues shall be looked into and addressed appropriately as soon as they are brought to his table. But that the women must ensure that they follow-up diligently to get the desired outcome.

Sarah Yapwa appreciated the Permanent Secretary on behalf of the team and promised to do as instructed in the soonest possible time.