About Us

Small Scale Women Farmers Organization in Nigeria (SWOFON) is a coalition of Women Farmers Associations and Groups across Nigeria. This network was started with the support of ActionAid Nigeria in August of 2012 and exists with the goal of advocating for and supporting women farmers especially those in rural areas to spur rural village economic development, increase food production through capacity building of smallholder women farmers to demand for their rights and privileges from the duty bearers while serving as vocal and visible pressure group on behalf small holder women farmers in Nigeria.

SWOFON organizes and empower women farmers’ association and groups to track and engage duty bearers around agricultural expenditure and investments. We are poised to building a collective voice for all smallholder women farmers associations to express their needs to policymakers and other development stakeholders. SWOFON also engages the government directly to further improve existing agricultural policies to support women smallholder farmers.