What We Do

SWOFON is on a mission

Policy Influencing/Legislative Action

Our organization actively engages in advocating for policy changes and legislative actions that benefit small-scale women farmers in Nigeria, ensuring their voices are heard at the highest levels of decision-making.


Through strategic advocacy efforts and impactful campaigns, we champion the rights and interests of small-scale women farmers, raising awareness on key issues affecting their livelihoods and promoting positive change.

Gender Inclusion/Responsive Programming:

We are committed to promoting gender-inclusive and responsive programming that addresses the unique needs and challenges faced by women farmers, empowering them to thrive in the agricultural sector.

Donor Grant Management

With expertise in donor grant management, we efficiently and effectively administer funds to support sustainable initiatives that benefit small-scale women farmers and their communities.

Donor Reporting

We ensure transparent and accurate reporting to donors, demonstrating the impact of their contributions in empowering small-scale women farmers and fostering sustainable agricultural practices.

Partnerships/Multi-stakeholder Collaborations

By forging strategic partnerships and engaging with multiple stakeholders, we amplify our impact and create synergies that drive positive change for small-scale women farmers across Nigeria.

Agroecology/Climate Resilience Farming Practices

Our organization promotes agroecology and climate-resilient farming practices, equipping women farmers with the knowledge and tools to adapt to environmental challenges and enhance agricultural sustainability.

Budget Tracking & Monitoring

We maintain rigorous budget tracking and monitoring systems to ensure financial accountability and transparency in all our activities, maximizing the impact of resources invested in supporting women farmers.

Financial Inclusion/Digital Financing

Through initiatives focused on financial inclusion and digital financing, we empower women farmers to access financial services and resources that enable their economic independence and growth.

Innovative Program Management

Our innovative program management approaches drive the design and implementation of impactful initiatives that address the evolving needs of small-scale women farmers and promote sustainable agricultural development.

Cooperative Management

We support the effective management of cooperatives among women farmers, fostering collaboration and collective decision-making to enhance productivity, market access, and resilience within the agricultural sector.

Regional Knowledge Management

With a focus on regional knowledge management, we facilitate the exchange of best practices, experiences, and expertise among women farmers, promoting continuous learning and innovation in agriculture.

Skills Acquisition/Training of Smallholder Women Farmers

We provide comprehensive skills acquisition and training programs that equip smallholder women farmers with the knowledge and capabilities to enhance their agricultural practices and improve their livelihoods.

Communication/Media Engagement

Through effective communication and media engagement strategies, we raise awareness about the contributions and challenges of smallholder women farmers, amplifying their voices and advocating for their rights and needs to be recognized and addressed.