About Us

Small Scale Women Farmers Organization in Nigeria (SWOFON) is a coalition of over 500,000 Women Farmers Assoc Associations and Groups across 36 states in Nigeria. This network was started with the support of ActionAid Nigeria in August of 2012 and exists with the goal of advocating for and supporting women farmers especially those in rural areas to demand for their rights and privileges from the duty bearers while serving as vocal and visible pressure group on behalf of small holder women farmers in Nigeria. Nigerian agricultural labour force is dominated by women farmers, they constitute over 70 percent of the entire agricultural labour force and are involved in almost every aspect of the agricultural value chain. Our goal is to Spur Rural Village Economic Development, Increase Food Production Through Capacity Building of Smallholder Women Farmers, innovative technology driven solutions, financial inclusion, Climate resilience and Agroecology, Budget tracking and monitoring of public government expenditure vis a vis the Maputo/Malabo declaration.  We are poised to building a collective voice for all smallholder women farmers associations to express their needs to policymakers and other development stakeholders, broker public-private partnerships, leverage on digital development financing, climate change/green economy and empower women economic empowerment of smallholder women farmers across different value chains in Nigeria. 

SWOFON also engages International. Regional and National government bodies and agencies, Development partners, UN Agencies, Bilateral Organizations, and the Private sector to ensure improved livelihood and agricultural productivity of the households and lives of  over 70% of the primary Food  producers of  Food in Nigeria and across West Africa This is crucial to eradicating rural poverty and hunger and basic services inadvertently contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of eradicating extreme poverty for all by 203    2030.             

Our Theory of Change

In bringing about change we will strengthen our cooperatives, build their capacity in advocacy and policy influencing and amplify their voices and ability to hold local, state and government officials accountable. It would also insist on fiscal policies and governance that impact on budget allocation to farming inputs and gender friendly machineries for smallholder women’s through capacity building/Sensitization of farmers on the agriculture budget processes and budget cycles, on farm discussions and Sensitization meeting with other grassroots women leaders, youth groups and community influencers on the social impact of budgeting in the community.

Our Vision

A Nation free from hunger, inequality, and injustice

Our Mission

To build the capacity of smallholder women farmers and influence policies towards sustainable Agriculture.


Core Values